Buy a FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information Report

Services Provided by FinCEN Filer, LLC

FinCEN Filer, LLC’s purpose is to prevent its customers from being fined $500/day because they did not file an initial or amended FinCEN BOI report required by the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).  The CTA provides that all “reporting companies” must file a BOI report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury that discloses certain information about all of the company’s beneficial owners and its applicant(s) (if formed after 2023) or the company may be fined $500/day for every late day.  If any information in a filed FinCEN report changes, the reporting company must file an amended FinCEN BOI report within thirty days of the change to avoid the $500/day late filing fine.

Hire us to prepare and file your company’s first or amended FinCEN BOI report in 5 – 10 minutes of your time and get peace of mind knowing you’ve avoided the late filing fine.

Our FinCEN BOI Report Services

Prepare & File a FinCEN BOI Report

We charge $299 to prepare and file a FinCEN BOI report for one reporting company.  Our fee to prepare and file a FinCEN report for additional reporting companies that have the same beneficial owner(s) as a prior FinCEN BOI report we filed is $299.  If you want to hire us to prepare more than one FinCEN BOI report when you go to the checkout/payment page click on the text that says “Add to order” underneath the text that says “File Additional FinCEN Report” then enter the number of additional reports you want for $299.

Our services are provided by our online data collection and digital filing system.  If the reporting company’s contact person has all the reporting company, beneficial owner, and applicant information when we are hired, he or she can input all that information into our online filing system in 5 – 10 minutes.

If you hire us to file your company’s FinCEN BOI report we will provide the following services:

  • We answer questions about FinCEN reports and our services.
  • We will send you a lot of informational emails about the CTA and FinCEN BOI reports.
  • Immediately upon payment of our fee, we give the company’s contact person access to our secure online filing system.
  • The contact person enters the reporting company’s information into our ISO/IEC 27001 secure online filing system.  All data entry can take 5 –  10 minutes or maybe a few more minutes if there are a lot of beneficial owners.
  • Before proceeding further with data input our system will ask the contact person questions about the company to determine if it is a reporting company or a company that is exempt from filing a FinCEN BOI report.
  • The contact person has two options for entering beneficial owner information: (1) the contact person enters the information, or (2) the contact person causes our online filing system to send an email to one or more beneficial owners asking them to enter their information into our online filing system.
  • If the company was formed after 2023, the contact person enters applicant(s) information into our online filing system.  An applicant is the person who signed the document filed with the state that created the company and that person’s boss if he or she had a boss.
  • After all reporting company, beneficial owner, and applicant information has been entered into our online filing system it asks the company’s contact person to approve or modify the data.
  • After the contact person approves the proposed FinCEN BOI report we file the BOI report with FinCEN by digitally uploading the data to FinCEN’s database.
  • We email a copy of the filed report to the company’s contact person.

Our Editable Beneficial Owner Information Affidavit Form

Purchase an editable Word Beneficial Owner Information Report Affidavit for $97 that asks a beneficial owner to enter the beneficial owner’s FinCEN information into the Affidavit and represent and warrant by signing the Affidavit that all of the beneficial owner’s information in the Affidavit is true, correct, and complete.  The owner must sign the Affidavit and have his or her signature notarized.  You can buy our editable Word Affidavit and customize it for your company and beneficial owners.  Don’t file a FinCEN BOI Report without confirming that all beneficial owner information is true, correct, and complete.

Immediately upon paying for the Affidavit our system will email a Word version of the form to the email address given in the order form.

Email Service to Remind Beneficial Owners & Companies to Amend a Filed FinCEN BOI Report

A reporting company must file an amended FinCEN BOI report within 30 days if any of the following occurs or the company is subject to the $500/day late filing fine:

  • A beneficial owner ceases to be a beneficial owner
  • A person who was not a beneficial owner becomes a beneficial owner
  • A beneficial owner changes his or her residential address
  • A beneficial owner gets a new ID document (driver’s license or passport) or the number of the document changes

We offer an email reminder service that sends a beneficial owner an email once a month or twice a month that notifies the beneficial owner of the information about the beneficial owner in the filed report and reminds the beneficial owner that if any of the beneficial owner’s information changes he/she must take action to cause the reporting company to file an amended FinCEN report within 30 days of the change.

Our fee for one email reminder every month is $99/year a year.  Our fee for biweekly email reminders is  $198/year a year.