FinCEN Identifier Acquisition Service $300

Instead of giving FinCEN all the information required of a beneficial owner the FinCEN report can state the beneficial owner’s FinCEN identifier number.  This number is issued by FinCEN after the beneficial owner submits the required beneficial owner’s information to FinCEN.  A beneficial owner’s FinCEN identifier can be entered on all of the beneficial owner’s FinCEN reports instead of entering all the required information.  If a beneficial owner owns 10 reporting companies the owner’s FinCEN identifier can be entered on all ten reporting company’s FinCEN report.

We get a FinCEN identifier for every beneficial owner unless there is not enough time to get the identifier before the due date of the FinCEN report.  We charge $300 to get a FinCEN identifier.

Our Services are Not Yet Available

Because FinCEN has not yet created a system for filing reports or obtaining FinCEN identifiers we cannot sell any of our services. If you are interested in any of our services you should subscribe to our free Corporate Transparency Act newsletter by clicking on this link then entering your information. Our newsletter will notify you when it is possible to file a FinCEN report and obtain a FinCEN identifier and we are selling our services.