FinCEN Identifier Acquisition service $297

We submit a beneficial owner or reporting company’s information to FinCEN and get FinCEN to issue the owner or company a FinCEN identifier so the person or company can give reporting companies his/her/its FinCEN identifier instead of the beneficial owner’s personal information or the company’s information.  Recommended for beneficial owners who are involved with multiple reporting companies because instead of charging $747 for a FinCEN report for one owner or a married couple we only charge $297 for a FinCEN report when all beneficial owners and the company have a FinCEN identifier.

Our Services are Not Yet Available

Because FinCEN has not yet created a system for filing reports or obtaining FinCEN identifiers we cannot sell any of our services. If you are interested in any of our services you should subscribe to our free Corporate Transparency Act newsletter by clicking on this link then entering your information. Our newsletter will notify you when it is possible to file a FinCEN report and obtain a FinCEN identifier and we are selling our services.