If you are accepted into our affiliate program and you refer a reporting company to FinCEN Filer, LLC, we will pay you 20% of all revenue collected by FinCEN Filer from each reporting company that you refer who hires us to prepare a FinCEN report, an amended FinCEN report or an application for a FinCEN identifier within 120 days of your referral.  Join our affiliate program today to grow your revenue by referring reporting companies to us for CTA and FinCEN reporting services.

With FinCEN Filer’s Affiliate Program, you get:

  • 20% Commission: You get a 20% commission when your referrals purchase any of our commissioned services through your affiliate link during their 120 day referral period. There’s no limit to how much you can earn during the referral period.
  • 120 Day Window: If your referral purchases any commissioned services from us within 120 days after your referral you get a commission.

Application to Become a FinCEN Filer Affiliate

Coming soon.  If interested in becoming an affiliate send an email to [email protected]