FinCEN Filer, LLC, is an Arizona limited liability company with an office at 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 135, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  We collect information about “reporting companies” and their “beneficial owners” and file that information with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the U.S. Treasury.  A federal law called the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) requires almost every company that exists in the U.S. to file this report before a specified date or the company will be fined $500/day by FinCEN.


  • Collect the CTA required information about the reporting company.
  • Collect the CTA required information about each beneficial owner.
  • Collect the CTA required information about the person who formed the company, aka the “applicant.”
  • Require the company’s management to represent and warrant that the company information is true and correct.
  • Require each beneficial owner to represent and warrant that his/her/its information is true and correct.
  • Prepare the company’s FinCEN report.
  • Send the proposed FinCEN report to the reporting company’s management to get management’s approval of the proposed report.
  • File the approved report with FinCEN.
  • Send a copy of the filed FinCEN report to management.
  • Send a copy of the filed FinCEN report to each beneficial owner.

Hire Us to File to Prepare & File a FinCEN Report

FinCEN Filer, LLC's purpose is to inform people about the Corporate Transparency Act and to prepare and file reporting companies' initial and amended CTA FinCEN reports. To hire us to prepare and file an initial or an amended FinCEN report go to our Services page.

FinCEN Filer, LLC Personnel

Richard Keyt

Richard (Rick) has been practicing business law since 1980 when he graduated with a masters degree in federal income tax law from New York University School of Law.  He has formed 8,900+ and has 227 five star Google reviews.  Richard flew the F-4 Phantom supersonic fighter bomber for five years in the USAF, including combat missions over North Vietnam, South Vietnam and Laos in 1972.  See his website called “Flying the F-4 in Combat” for stories written by Rick and other Vietnam era fighter pilots.

Richard has been studying the Corporate Transparency Act since it became law on January 1, 2020, and it the author of most of the articles and blog posts on this website.  He also is the author and creator of an another CTA website called the Corporate Transparency Act.

His email address is [email protected].

Richard C. Keyt

Richard C. (Ricky) is a business law and estate planning attorney licensed to practice law in Arizona and California.  He is a former Arizona Certified Public Accountant who worked for a national accounting firm for three years before going to law school.  Ricky has a masters degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame and a law degree from the Arizona State University School of Law.

His email address is [email protected].

Noah Bernstein

Noah is the Chief Executive Officer of FinCEN Filer, LLC.  He is the day-to-day manager of the company and supervises its employees.  Noah graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.

His direct phone number is 480-605-2391 and his email address is [email protected].