Our fee to prepare and file an initial and an amended FinCEN report is $497.  This fee includes us applying for one FinCEN identifier for one beneficial owner.  We also charge an additional $300 to get a FinCEN identifier for each additional beneficial owner who does not have a FinCEN identifier.

Initial FinCEN Report Preparation & Services

Our Services are Not Yet Available

Because FinCEN has not yet created a system for filing reports or obtaining FinCEN identifiers we cannot sell any of our services. If you are interested in any of our services you should subscribe to our free Corporate Transparency Act newsletter by clicking on this link then entering your information. Our newsletter will notify you when it is possible to file a FinCEN report and obtain a FinCEN identifier and we are selling our services.

Description of Services We Provide When Hired to Prepare & File an Initial FinCEN Report

We work with a person designated by the reporting company as our liaison (the “Contact”).  We provide the following services.

  • We help the Contact determine the reporting company’s beneficial owners.
  • We send each beneficial owner an email message that has a link to a pdf fillable form into which the beneficial owner enters his/her/its CTA information or FinCEN identifier to be disclosed in the FinCEN report.  When the beneficial owner submits the beneficial owner information form the data is automatically imported into our database.
  • The reporting company has the option to require beneficial owners to sign the information pdf without notarization or sign and have their signature notarized.  We recommend that the reporting company require beneficial owners to sign the information pdf and have their signature notarized because the beneficial owner cannot later claim somebody other than the beneficial owner submitted incorrect information that was input into the reporting company’s filed FinCEN report.
  • If any beneficial owner has a FinCEN identifier we send the Contact each beneficial owner’s FinCEN identifier that he/she/it submitted to us.
  • We send the Contact a link to a pdf fillable form into which the Contact enters the applicant’s information.  When the Contact submits the applicant information form the data is automatically imported into our database.
  • We prepare a first draft of the FinCEN report with the applicant’s information and the information obtained from each beneficial owner.
  • We send the Contact the first draft of the proposed FinCEN report and ask the Contact to approve the proposed report or tell us what changes we need to make to the proposed report.
  • If changes to the proposed report are needed, we prepare a revised FinCEN report and send it to the Contact for approval.
  • When the Contact has approved the proposed FinCEN report we file the report with FinCEN.
  • We send the Contact a copy of the filed FinCEN report.